Anne Express: Poetry Station

Hi there! Welcome back to Anne Express. Today is my best friend and partner in crime, Shae’s birthday. To let her know how much her friendship means to me, I decided to pen a new poem for her. So … enjoy and join me in wishing her a happy birthday!

Heart of My Heart.jpg

In Heart of My Heart


There I stand, all in my lonesome

Drenched in desolation,

Like an outcast in the sea of faces

A heart weeps, crying out,

Forlorn and forsaken.

And then it happens.

Out of the depths of my despair,

A hand reaches out to grasp mine.

It lifts me up, holds me close.

A heart whispers to mine,

I’m here now, you’re not alone.

Two hearts, two worlds apart

Come together, bound by the forces

Of friendship and love.

Through the affection for the written word,

My heart recognizes its counterpart.

So my dear friend, believe me when I say,

You’re one of the most precious persons

In my world, in the heart of my heart.


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