Bookworm Express: Seduce Me At Sunrise – Lisa Kleypas


One little word.

One word that can encompass the whole world.

Have you ever been so in love that that very love scared you? That you were afraid of hurting the object of your affection because you loved them too much?

Today’s Bookworm Express features a story of one such love.

This week, Scribbler Alliance brings you the second novel from Lisa Kleypas’ The Hathaways series, Seduce Me At Sunrise.

Seduce Me At Sunrise

The love story unfolds between the prim and proper daughter of a respectable scholar, Miss Winnifred Hathaway and the gypsy boy her father rescued from a fighting ring, Kev Merripen. Physically, they couldn’t be more different. While Merripen is strong and well-built with a brute force about him, Win is delicate like a china doll. On emotional level, however, both of them are good at hiding their true feelings, putting on a mask for appearances sake.

What starts as a friendship born of their wish to protect the other, turns into love when Win has to leave England for France to undergo therapy. Merripen is left confused and angry when Win leaves him and takes his heart with her. In the following years, he tries his best to forget her, keeping himself occupied with various projects. When Win returns, stronger and more beautiful than ever, he’s determined to fight his love for her, afraid of his own strength to hurt her. However, all of Merripen’s will evaporates when another suitor appears to fight him for Win’s affections.

As Win battles herself to decide between spending all her life loving and pining away for the man she loves and making the sensible choice, Merripen fights his own demons that threaten to overwhelm him.

Here’s a little excerpt from the novel to tickle your fancy:


She approached Merripen cautiously. It was obvious he was aroused. Painfully so. She wanted to touch him again. Most of all she wanted him to put his arms around her and tell her how overjoyed he was to have her back.

But he spoke before she reached him. And his tone was not encouraging. “If you touch me,” he said in a guttural voice, “I’m going to drag you back to that bed. And I won’t be responsible for what happens next.”

Win stopped, plaiting her fingers.

Eventually Merripen recovered his breath. And he gave her a glance that should have immolated her on the spot.

“Next time,” he said flatly, “some advance warning of your arrival might be a good idea.”

“I did send advance notice.” Win was amazed that she could even speak. “It must have been lost.” She paused. “That was a f-far warmer welcome than I expected, considering the way you’ve ignored me for the past two years.”

“I haven’t ignored you.”

Win took quick refuge in sarcasm. “You wrote to me once in two years.”

Merripen turned and rested his back against the wall. “You didn’t need letters from me.”

“I needed any small sign of affection! And you gave me none.” She stared at him incredulously as he remained silent. “For heaven’s sake, Kev, aren’t you even going to say that you’re glad I’m well again?”

“I’m glad you’re well again.”

“Then why are you behaving this way?”

“Because nothing else has changed.”

“You’ve changed,” she shot back. “I don’t know you anymore.”

“That’s as it should be.”


Love hurts, doesn’t it? But sometimes, the pain is what we need to know that it’s real.

Time for my review. First off, I wanted to kick Merripen where it would hurt the most for being so stubborn, but then I also wanted to wrap my arms around him because on the inside, he was a boy afraid to hurt the only one he has ever loved. Lisa Kleypas writes a love story that makes you yearn for that kind of love, to be able to love someone so much that you’ll fight yourself to choose what’s best for that person. The writing is so beautifully articulate and sensual, it keeps making you turn the page until you hit the end mark and then wish there was a few more pages to go. In Anne’s scale this book gets 4.8 stars out of 5 stars. I’m deducting a little bit of it because I wanted Merripen to apologize to Win for hurting her through his rejections, but the way he loves her makes up for it … almost.

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any book you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments. A new section named Imagination Express has started where YOU, my readers, will have the opportunity to write for ME. So stay tuned for Imagination Express tomorrow.



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