Bookworm Express: Mai Tai’d Up – Alice Clayton

Hello, hello! Pour yourselves a cocktail or mocktail (if you’re into non-alcoholic beverages) and grab yourself a seat aboard the Bookworm Express on Scribbler Alliance! Today, I’ve got a treat for those of you who like myself, started their journey into original fiction from the realm of fanfiction. I decided to go back to my fanfiction roots and pick a book for you that is written by one of our own fanfiction writer – turned author, Alice Clayton aka feathersmmmm!

Mai Tai'd Up.jpg

Today I have picked the fourth book of Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, Mai Tai’d Up, for you. It’s a book that’ll have you laughing and smiling all the way to self-discovery.

The book opens like many others do … with an impending wedding. However, on the day of the long-awaited high profile wedding, former Miss Golden State, Chloe Patterson, decides to not attend the wedding … which just happens to be her own. Instead of being a typical runaway bride, she doesn’t mope in self-pity … much. No, she decides to explore her options and try to make a life for herself by herself. She finds her calling in working with a pitbull rescue charity, Our Gang, and so begins her journey to self-discovery.

Dr. Lucas Campbell is a veterinarian in a small town of Monterey which happens to be the town our Miss Golden State moves to. Lucas is sweet, funny, kind and undeniably handsome. His charm attracts Chloe right from the moment their eyes meet through a mirror. But the catch? Lucas’ ex-fianceé used to be a pagent girl just like Chloe. Double catch? She left him at the altar, pretty much just like Chloe left her fiancé, Charles. When sparks fly and heat gets rising, will the facts bring them close or pull them apart?

Here’s a little sneak peek from the book to tickle your fancy:


“Dad’s told me all about it, but seeing it is a very different thing. What you guys have done up here already is impressive.”

“Not just us. You’ll be here too,” I said innocently.

“I will?”

“Sure, your dad volunteered your services evenings and weekends, free of charge. He didn’t tell you?”

“He seems to have neglected to mention that.” He leaned against one of the stalls. “But it sounds good to me.”

“Nights and weekends? Free of charge? Fantastic!” I clapped my hands. He pushed himself off the stall and moved a bit closer.

“Might as well. My nights and weekends aren’t too exciting these days.”

“Oh, I can’t believe that. A good-looking guy like you?”

“Good looking, huh?”

“Well, you kind of set me up for that one, didn’t you?” I laughed, noticing how close he’d gotten. “Besides, all the good-looking guys are going around with white stripes on their black shirts these days—it’s all the rage. I’m sure you won’t have any trouble picking up the ladies.”

“White stripes?” he asked, puzzled.

I stepped to his side and ran my hand across his back, then showed it to him.

“You could’ve warned me!” he exclaimed, spinning around quickly as if to see the back of his own shirt.

“What part of ‘I’m painting the stalls in the barn’ did you not get?” I laughed, and it felt good, easy. “Don’t worry, it’s milk paint. It’ll come right out in the wash.”

“Good. I should get those bags out of my truck and let you get back to your afternoon. Or night, I suppose now. Dusk. Whatever.”

“Yes, let me get back to my dusk, please,” I teased, and we headed back toward the truck. We walked in silence, and within a few seconds I felt the need to fill it. “My nights and weekends are pretty thin on excitement too, you know.”

Overshare. Overshare. Overshare.


Now tell me that doesn’t put a smile on your lips! So if you’re still wondering which book to read next, my dear readers, stop wondering and get reading. Time for my review. As a general rule, a lot of fanfictions have heroines who are the perfect damsel in distress. Even though I haven’t read any of her fanfictions, I’m pleased to say that Ms. Clayton broke that stereotype and wrote us a strong, opinionated, yet sweet female lead. The humor in the book makes it flow well and before you know, you’ll find yourself engrossed in it. In Anne’s scale this book gets 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. I’m deducting half a star because I felt like something was missing which would’ve been perfected with a little epilogue. But hey, that’s the mark of a great book, right? That it leaves you wanting more?

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any book you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments.



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