Imagination Express#2: Angry Waiter

Hi, guys! Welcome back to Imagination Express!

Imagination Express is where we let our imaginations run wild! And it will give YOU, my dear readers, a chance to write a story of your own. Wanna know how it works? Well, first, I give you a 6-word story by yours truly written using a word prompt. You get to enjoy it, and then, you are welcome to share your own interpretation of that 6-word story in the form of a drabble story of no more than 100 words. Sounds fun, right?

So here’s the new 6-word story for you written using the prompt – Angry Waiter.

Angry Waiter

Angry waiter. Foamy cappuccino. Wiping mouth.

Now let your imaginations run wild and write a story for ME in the comments! Remember the word limit is 100 words. Please include your word count and twitter handle (if you have it) in your comments so I can give a twitter shout out to those who write for me. 😉

Happy imagining!




Image Source: Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Imagination Express#2: Angry Waiter

  1. FML! This day has gone from bad to worse, today my ex husband got engaged, the day after our divorce is final, my car breaks down, I get caught in the rain and now this angry wiater has just spilled half my cappuccino by slamming it in front of me. I spot Mr Gorgeous, bronze hair, green eyes, coming this way. “Excuse me miss, my name is Edward Cullen and I’m the owner. I’m so sorry about that waiter. How about I join you and make it up to you?”


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