Bookworm Express: My First: Jason & Katie – Melanie Shawn

Hi there! Welcome to another week in Bookworm Express on Scribbler Alliance! As always, I picked a new book for me to review and for you to read about. Have you ever read a book full of clichés and yet couldn’t help but enjoy it because of the way it’s written? For me, this week’s book is exactly that.

Today I have picked the first book of Melanie Shawn’s Crossroads series, My First: Jason & Katie, for you. It’s a book about friendship, heartaches, love and … weddings.

My First

The occasion is the wedding of our heroine, Katie’s ex-boyfriend’s little sister to her best friend’s brother. Being the maid of honor, Katie Lawson cannot avoid going back to the town she escaped the night of her boyfriend’s funeral. So, despite having panic attacks, successful lawyer Katie reaches her hometown of Harper’s Crossing. That’s when she meets Jason Sloan … again.

Popular for his charms, Harper’s Crossing’s renowned Romeo Jason Sloan cannot believe it when he learns of his long lost best friend’s anticipated return in town. The moment he meets her after a decade, he feels the breath leave his body at the mere sight of her. And just like that, he falls more in love with her than he already was.

Whatever Katie expects upon her returning home is anything but a myriad of unknown feelings rushing over her when she lays her eyes on her dead boyfriend’s best friend, Jason. In the span of a weekend, she has to figure out what these feelings mean before she leaves town once again.

Having loved Katie since the first day of kindergarten, Jason has made up his mind to make up for lost time and make her realize that what they have is real. Question is, whether Katie will give him the chance or will she fly the coop in fear like she did ten years ago.

If you’re still wondering whether to read the book or not, here’s a little sneak peek:


“I need your shirt,” she continued insistently.

OK, so, maybe best to just follow along with her line of logic.

“OK, Katie. Where is the shirt you want me to get for you?”

“Duh! In my suitcase!” she replied, and in her impaired mental state, she was clearly having doubts about his.

He walked over to her suitcase, being very careful not to feast his eyes on her uncovered breasts, as much as he would have loved to indulge in just that under any other circumstance.

As he bent down to unzip her case, he said, “sweetie, how am I going to know which shirt it is you want to sleep in?”

“YOUR shirt!” she continued to insist, “I sleep in it every night…”

He shook his head. She still wasn’t making any sense.

He unzipped her case and flipped it open, getting ready to dig through her clothing so that he could just find a comfortable shirt for her to sleep in. He smiled to himself. Even if it was her shirt, and not ‘his’ – hopefully she’d be satisfied enough with it to settle down and go to sleep.

He was reaching his hand towards her bundle of clothing when he froze, hand in the air. His eyes had alighted on something that his brain was having trouble processing. Was that…? Could it be…?

It was his Def Leppard shirt. The one from sixth grade, the one he had felt so superior in because, while all the sheep he went to school with were wearing boy band t-shirts, he was sporting a vintage rock tee. The one he had taken off and given to Katie that day in the cafeteria.

My God.

Could this be the shirt she wanted? HIS shirt?

The one she said she slept in every night?

He gathered it up in his hand and extended it towards her, never turning back to look.

“Is this the shirt you want?” he asked quietly, his voice hoarse.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, “YOUR shirt!”

He heard the rustling of her slipping the shirt over her head and getting it situated, and then a few seconds later he heard light snoring coming from her direction.

He turned and watched her for a moment then, all cuddled up in his shirt, sleeping like a baby.

He smiled.

Like a very drunk, and soon to be very hung-over, baby.

But that was fine. She was comfortable for the time being. And what had allowed her to settle down? It was his shirt. That was the only thing that had eased her restlessness.

He smiled wider.

She slept in it every night.

Oh, yes. Any lingering doubts he may have had about whether or not his feelings were reciprocated had been erased in one fell swoop.

This thing with Katie Lawson? It was ON!


Makes you itch to read more, doesn’t it? So stop wondering which book to read next, bookworms, and grab a copy of this gem. Time for my review! I know the concept of friends to lovers is an old one and has been written many times. But Melanie Shawn manages to write it in a witty and effortless manner that makes you want to fall in love … to give love a second chance. In Anne’s scale this book gets 4 stars out of 5 stars. I’m deducting one star because while the writer has given us an extensive back story to these lovers, I would’ve loved a little more of their future life before the HEA. But as a hopeless romantic, I relished this book and I know you will too.

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any book you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments.




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