Anne Express: Virtuoso ~ Chapter-13

A/N: Hi! It’s been so long since I updated. I didn’t want to risk you guys missing out on this chapter due to the notification issue on ffn. So I’m finally going to post. Hope you enjoy it.

Also, this chapter has description of seizure in it. So I’d love to dedicate this one to one of the persons closest to my heart who suffers from this ailment. You know who you are and how much I love you, right? 😉


Chapter-13: Unwritten

Carlisle watches in silence as she methodically puts the leftover food in separate tupperwares. She must feel his gaze on her because she lifts her head and smiles embarrassedly at him. “All these leftovers are your brother’s fault, you know? If he hadn’t missed dinner tonight then there wouldn’t be so much left.”

Unbeknownst to him, the words escape him. “You always cook for one more person though.”

Her hands still for a moment, and then she looks away from him. “Let’s pretend you didn’t notice.”

Carlisle reaches out to place a hand over hers and decides to break the unwritten rule Phil has in the house. “What do you think she would be like? If she was alive?” he asks, wanting to tell her the truth. “What profession would she have picked for herself?”

Reneé closes her eyes, and he feels her hand start to tremble underneath his. “She would’ve been twenty six this year,” she tells him in a shaky voice. “She would’ve been free to choose her career.”

“Hypothetically speaking,” Carlisle presses on. “Don’t you think she’d want to become a journalist like you and Charlie?”

Reneé pulls her hand out of his in a sudden motion. “I don’t know, Carlisle,” she says in a strange voice. “I don’t know what my Mary would’ve chosen as her career if she was alive. I don’t know how she’d have looked if she was alive. I don’t know anything. All I know is that she’s in heaven with her father.”

“What if she survived? What if she …”

Carlisle’s words are cut off when she turns around sharply and pierces him with her gaze. “My daughter is not alive. If she was, I would’ve felt it. I would’ve gone to her. I wouldn’t be the monster who abandoned her daughter. I …” she stops to take a shuddering breath as her back straightens. Her hands clench around the handrests of her wheelchair as she struggles to control herself.

The moment her eyes grow cloudy Carlisle knows what’s coming. “Reneé!” he cries out, grabbing a spoon from the kitchen counter and slipping it between her clenched teeth to prevent her from biting her tongue. “I’m sorry, Reneé. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me,” he begs as the woman he cared for as a sister convulses vigorously, her mouth frothing slightly. “Reneé, please … no! RENEÉ!!!”

At the sound of his screams the housekeeper runs in. One look at the scene in the kitchen and she joins Carlisle’s screams, calling for her mistress to be alright.

Phil Dwyer rushes into the kitchen when he hears the sound of his cousin’s cries the moment he gets home. When he gets to them, his eyes fall on his wife and he feels his heart drop. “Ren!” he calls out and runs to scoop her up in his arms. Without sparing a second glance at their company, he carries her to her bedroom and places her in her bed all the while whispering reassuringly in her ears.

Carlisle waits while the doctor looks at Reneé and only when he’s sure that she’s going to be alright, he starts to walk out of the room. Phil, however, grabs his hand to stop him. “May I have a word?” he asks Carlisle.

When he nods, Phil leads him to his study. Once they’re behind closed doors, Phil allows his anger to flow. “What the fuck did you do?” he asks.

Carlisle blinks. “I … I didn’t …”

“Save your breath,” his cousin spits at him. “She has been fine for weeks, Carl. WEEKS. Not a single seizure. And then you decide to show up for dinner and now she’s like this. So let me ask you again, what the fuck did you do?”

“She invited me to dinner,” Carlisle points out.

“Carl!” Phil shouts, getting into his face. “I swear to God, Kid, if I could raise you like my own, I can chop you into little pieces if you hurt my Reneé.”

“Fine,” Carlisle bursts out then. “We talked about Mary.”

“Mary!” Phil takes a few staggering steps away from him, making Carlisle nod.

“Yes, Brother,” he says, his eyes flashing angrily at his cousin. “You were the one who found and buried her body, weren’t you? Do you think if we dug up the grave it’ll be as empty as I expect it to be?”

Phils eyes widen. “I …”

“Don’t waste your breath, Phil,” Carlisle returns his own words to him. “I know you faked her death. I knew you loved your friend’s wife, but to fake her daughter’s death right after she’d lost her husband? What was that for? Just so you could get her?” As he utters the words he’d kept hidden deep in his heart, Carlisle feels something for his cousin brother that he never had before … hatred.

Phil stumbles back to fall into an armchair and then looks up at his brother. “How long have you known?”

“Long enough.”


Carlisle barks a mirthless laugh. “I grew up with you, Phil,” he says. “I know exactly how you look when you lie. Your eyes blink rapidly. I was there when you informed Reneé of Mary’s death. I knew that you were lying. Besides, if you had buried her, why didn’t you take me to the burial? To spare my teen heart of the pain of watching my niece’s dead body? I don’t believe that.”

“Then why haven’t you said anything till now?”

“I didn’t have proof … till now.”

Phil’s mouth falls open. “You’ve found her?”

Carlisle shrugs, deciding he didn’t deserve to know that. Instead he says, “You’ve stooped so low in my eyes, Phil. I pity you.” He starts to walk to the door to exit the room, not wanting to breathe the same air as his cousin.

When his hand wraps around the doorknob, Phil asks, “Why do you care anyway? It’s not like she’s your niece by birth or anything.”

Carlisle turns his head to look at him. “Unlike you, Phil,” he tells him. “I cherish the relationships I had with your friends. She called me Uncle since the moment she could speak so no matter what you say, I’m her uncle.”

With that, he leaves, slamming the door shut behind him.

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