Bookworm Express: Always Mine – Ruth Cardello

Hello, hello! Welcome back to the Bookworm Express on Scribbler Alliance! It’s been a while since we’ve posted book reviews for you. So to make up for that, I have a good one for you. 😉

Today’s featured book is Always Mine by Ruth Cardello. It’s the first book of Cardello’s Barrington Billionaires series. I know what you’re thinking … just another romance book, right? That’s exactly what I thought when I first picked it up to read. But surprisingly, it wasn’t just another romance book.

Always Mine

Instead of droning on and on like many books now-a-days, Cardello manages to give us a quick and fluid read where the plot development is effortless to say the least. This book left the romance reader in me with the afterglow of completing a really good book, I’ll tell you that.

First, we meet Asher Barrington—handsome, rich and ruthless businessman who is anything but charming. His father’s past experiences have left him bitter and cold-hearted when it comes to life. What Asher wants, he gets at any cost.

Enter Emily Harris—sweet, tender-hearted artist with an underlying stubbornness not many people know of. After the loss of her grandfather and mother, all she has left is her mother’s lifelong dream—a museum of art for the visually impaired. She’ll do anything and go to any length to make it possible.

A feud over a piece of land where Harris Tactile Museum is set to be built is what brings them together. Add in the undeniable attraction they feel toward each other and the Barrington family that welcomes Emily with open arms, and you have the perfect equation to make their worlds collide.

Will they survive this collision? And if so, at what cost? Now that, my dear readers, you have to read to find out. I will tell you this though, with Ruth Cardello’s eloquent style of writing, you’ll find yourself turning the pages even if it’s way past midnight. I’m telling you from personal experience.


Here’s a little excerpt from the book to pique your interest—

“I took the day off so we could spend it together.”

Emily clasped her hands in front of her and tried not to betray her shock. She walked over to a chair and sat down if only to get off her shaky legs. Asher Barrington took a day off? And he wants to spend it . . . “Together?”

He looked as if he were about to smile but didn’t. He crossed his feet at his ankles. “I’ve decided to give you a chance to convince me your project is worth the loss of time and money my company will incur if we walk away from Welchton.”

Emily’s stomach churned nervously. “How?”

He raised one eyebrow. “That part is up to you.”

Emily’s eyes flew to his and a crazy thought came to her. For just a moment she thought he might be flirting with her. But that would mean he was attracted to her, and he’d given her no reason to believe that. Emily swallowed hard and stood. “If you’re suggesting . . .”

“I’m not, but I’m flattered your mind went there.” Asher’s voice deepened to a tone that was hot as hell, even though he was essentially mocking her.

With her face flaming with embarrassment, Emily chose anger over the confusing reaction her body was having to the mere suggestion of anything happening between them. “Is this a joke to you? Because it isn’t to me.”

Asher stood and closed the distance between them. He was so close Emily could see the flecks of green in his eyes. “I’ve never been more serious. You’re an interesting woman, Emily Harris. I find it refreshingly difficult to anticipate your next move. We may be on opposing sides of this issue, but we don’t have to be.”


So … what exactly are you waiting for, people? If you still haven’t read this book, you should. I highly recommend it to all those who loves a good love story with a spunky heroine.

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any book you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments. See you tomorrow with next installment of Virtuoso in Anne Express.



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