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Hi, guys and gals! Hope you’re all doing great. This week’s post is about something important and very close to my heart. Many of you who follow my fanfics, might know that I was going to donate eight chapters of a new story to the Fandoms Against Domestic Violence charity event. Well, as it happens, I had to pull my contribution because the event seemed like a power showdown by some narcissistic ladies who thought it was acceptable to be rude to the contributing authors who had been donating their time, words and most of all … a part of their heart to this cause.

However, I still wanted to donate to this just cause. So myself along with a few author friends are going to piece our contribution stories together and offer it to anyone who donates to the Domestic Violence cause.

Below you will find the teaser for my brand new story, Escape My Love, along with teasers from the other authors who stand with me in this fight against domestic violence. Full stories will be included with Escape My Love in a PDF.

We want our stories to benefit the cause we wrote it for. If ANY of you have already donated, please notify my friend April via PM or direct email. Her email address is the number eighty-nine (89) and my FF name (fyrebyrd) at gmail dot com. You will automatically receive this additional collection of 5 stories.

For those who haven’t donated yet, or perhaps weren’t going to donate, maybe you’ll reconsider. We’re planning to have this PDF ready to send on Nov 14 to anyone who donates or has already donated. There is no minimum, and the only requirement is that it be a Domestic Violence cause. Just donate and send a picture of the receipt or confirmation email at the email address above, so that we will have an avenue to send the PDF out to you.

Please consider donating to this worthy cause. Now, without further ado … here are teasers to the included stories … and any author reading this who wishes to add something is welcome to join us in this little endeavour of ours. Enjoy! 🙂

Sharp Left Turn Outtake by Fyrebyrd

Summary: The kids are older, Jake and Seth are nine, the twins, five, and the princess is three. Edward and Bella face a situation Edward had hoped to avoid, though it was always inevitable.


As I start moving, the ruckus gets louder, so my feet move faster. When I’m close enough to see what’s happening, I notice a bigger kid, and two about the same size as my boys, are faced off with the Masen crew. I can’t quite make out the words yet, but it’s obviously a confrontation.

Just as I’m about to grab Jared’s shoulder, because he’s closest, Jake scoots to the side and sticks out his foot while Seth hauls back and shoves the big kid as hard as he can. The boy falls to the ground before I can catch him.

Due to the presence of an adult, namely me, the other two kids scatter, but the big kid is already getting up. “I’m gonna make you pay, Looney Twins!” he yells and starts to charge at them, but I put my hand on his chest.

“You’re going to do no such thing,” I bark and turn to my boys. “I’m sure this is some kind of misunderstanding. Seth, Jake, apologize to this kid for making him fall.”

They both look at me like I’ve lost my damn mind, but I haven’t. I tense. “I said apologize,” I say in the most I-mean-business-dad-like voice I possess.

Both boys give me nasty looks, but at least they mumble, “Sorry.” Even though they don’t look at the kid.

I look back to the little fucker that called my sons a name. “This is the end of this little altercation. I suggest you not call my sons anything other than their names from here out. Got me?” I ask, giving him a withering stare.

He bobs his head quickly. “Yes, sir.”

“Good.” I move my hand from his chest and wave him away. “Now get out of here.” He scatters and I turn my hard gaze to the rest of the Masens. “Get moving!”


Escape My Love by TwiAddictAnne

Summary: Love—the purest form of emotion, and also, the most vicious form of torture. With them, it was a little bit of the both … until that moment. Now, can they escape the clutches of this cursed feeling? Most of all, will they want to?


Edward Cullen watches with ill-disguised boredom as the realtor points out all the many features of the house.

“Mr. Cullen,” the woman showing too much cleavage to be appropriate says, motioning to the bedroom door. “Take a look at the décor of this room. I’m sure a man like you will appreciate the ambiance of it.”

The way her eyes appraise his body doesn’t escape him.

Unlike what she must expect though, Edward feels his stomach lurch at the thought of her around him in any capacity other than professional.

“Thanks, Ms. Denali,” he says quickly when she starts to speak again. “Why don’t you give me the floor plan so I can peruse it at my leisure? I’ll inform the agency about my decision.”

The smile drops from her overdrawn lips only to return momentarily. “Of course, Mr. Cullen,” she agrees, offering him the thick folder held in her claw-like hands. “I’ll be happy to help you decide in any way you prefer.”

Before Edward has to try and rebuff her advances again, the sound of rapidly approaching footsteps reach them. “You’re already selling my home? Who bought it?” an all-too-familiar voice calls out from behind, making him turn around.

“Edward!” His name spoken in a gasp makes him stare at the girl at the door.

No, he corrects himself. Not a girl. She’s a woman now.

Tanya Denali clears her throat. “Mr. Cullen, this is Isabella Swan, the daughter of the former owner.”

With his eyes locked on the woman who ruined his life, Edward smiles. “I’ll take the house.”


Being Famous by Gabby1017

Summary: Edward Cullen is famous. He lives his life surrounded by bodyguards, agents, managers, and fans; all looking to take something from him. This is his life, all he has ever known, but could there be more? After a loss, he finds a box of old photographs, letters and a special letter for him that opens his mind to other possibilities.


“God, Edward, I can’t believe she knew all these people,” Bella gasps.

“She made most of their careers.”

She grabs another letter. “Thanks for sharing dinner with me last night. I appreciate you coming out to console me. Jack just couldn’t get away and I felt so all alone.” Bella’s eye widen. “Jesus, that was Marilyn Monroe and she was talking about JFK.”

“Yeah, my mom told me she was very quiet and shy.”

“I can’t imagine what it would be like growing up with all these actors hanging around your house.”

“My grandmother made her house a haven for these celebrities. She was loved.”

Bella reads another letter, “Thank you, Miss Platt. Once again, a great review from you and I am loved again. Forever in your debt, Frank Sinatra. Wow.”

“That one was my mom’s,” I explain. “She had many guys after her, but when she met Dad that was it.”

“Why didn’t you follow in their footsteps?”

I huff, “I’m better reading the lines than writing them. Besides, Mom’s my best critic.” I laugh.


Love is Easy, but Life is Complicated Outtake By 2browneyes

Summary: The time has come when a young boy will have questions difficult to answer. The truth, as horrible as it may be, needs to be told.


“Rose, hun, you know I love you, but you’re going to have to sit down with the twins and tell them eventually.” I hated to be the bearer of bad news.

“I know, but I thought they would be so much older. They’re only thriteen. Alec is too young to know, isn’t he?” She sighed.

“Yes, he’s young, but I don’t think just telling him that his sperm donor was a bad guy is going to work anymore.” I tried to reason.

“I know…I know…I just can’t do it. I can’t look him in the eyes and tell him. It’s so much harder with him and Alicia than when I told Emmett,” Rose lamented.

“He’s not going to blame you or think less of you. Which is why the questions need to be answered now, rather than letting his mind run away with him, or if he tries to go find Royce himself.”

“Ugh. You’re right.” She groaned.


Damsel by Fyremasen

Summary: A true gentleman can never resist a damsel in distress.


“What?” I say when I can’t handle it anymore.

He reaches a finger up and brushes it down my overheated cheek. “This is a good color on you, darlin’.” He smirks and withdraws his touch, lodging his hands in his jean pockets. “So.” He rocks back on his heels. “Dinner? Or you need to go home first?”

It takes me a minute to even comprehend what he’s asking because I’m too distracted by his lean form. When I realize he actually wants an answer, I have to replay his words. Looking down at myself, I lift one shoulder casually. “I can just take off my lab coat, and I’m ready.”

He smiles, and his green eyes sparkle. “I’m not opposed to any shedding of clothes.”

My jaw drops and before I can pick it up, those long fingers are already there, pushing it closed with a wink. “Was that too much too soon?”

I pull my bottom lip between my teeth and allow my eyes to scan him from his gorgeous green eyes to his cowboy boot-clad feet. When I look at him again, I smirk. “As long as it’s tit for tat, I don’t mind that at all.” I lift my arms and push the lab coat from my shoulders, and then, I tug the band from my hair, shaking it out to fall loose around my face. I cross my arms and lift a brow. “Well.”

He stands there staring at me wide-eyed and stunned for several seconds before something seems to click. When it does, he starts tugging his plaid shirt from his jeans, his deft fingers already opening the buttons. I stand transfixed and watch as the shirt drifts open. Underneath is a white shirt, and it is not until his button up falls from his shoulders that I realize it’s a wife beater.

Taut arms and strong, square shoulders fill my vision. My eyes can’t help but trail over the newly exposed flesh. Muscles ripple as he moves so close I can smell his skin and says, “Is this okay.” His fingers grip my hips and his head tilts down, his eyes so intent on mine that I’m not positive I could remain standing were it not for his hold.

His tongue peaks out to wet his lips, and I’m done. I can’t stop myself. I lift up on my toes and push my mouth to his.

His hand leaves my hip and tangles in my hair. With lips and tongue, he kisses me like he’s a dying man, and I’m his salvation.

Gasping for air, we break away from each other. His hands smooth down my hair as his forehead finds mine. Groaning he pulls away. “If we don’t leave right now, I’m gonna to do something that we’d regret.”

“Are you sure we’d regret it?” At this point I’m ready to throw him down right here in the parking lot.


So what are you waiting for? If you want the complete donation pieces, donate to a Domestic Violence cause and send the picture of the receipt to us!





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    • Hi! Thanks for your interest. It’s still a work in progress. It will be available in all major fanfiction websites once it is completed. I’ll be posting a notice on the blog about it when it happens. Thanks. 🙂


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