Anne Express: Honey, I’m Done

Hi, guys! I admit that I’m astounded by your response to my first attempt at poetry. I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve found an outlet for all the raw emotions in life through poetry. A big thanks to my partner in crime, Shae, for introducing me to this world. Anyway, I wrote another piece and thought of sharing it with you, my lovely readers. So hope you like it. *fingers crossed*


Honey, I’m Done


Hey honey,

You might find this funny,

But the truth is, my dear honey,

I’m done with being your little bunny.

You might think you can stun me with your charms,

But you don’t know how they fail to disarm

No, not anymore.

Never gonna happen again, sonny.

You might think you’ve lost the touch,

But I say, you never had it very much.

You pulled me in, you reeled me out,

Well, my dear, now I don’t have any doubt.

You pretended to be my knight in shining armor,

But when I got closer, I realized,

That the sheen was of nothing but foils of tin.

What a bummer!

What I hoped was ocean turned out to be gutter!

Like an empty vessel, all you do is whistle,

But when it comes to confrontation, you run before your feathers bristle.

You took me for granted, thought my love was warranted,

You know what? F-you! You’re no longer wanted.

If in the motions of life, you ever find the courage,

I hope you do come to face me.

Wanna know why though?

Not so you can be my bae, but rather I can tell you hey,

Make sure my door doesn’t hit your ass on the way, you dummy!


Do share your thoughts with me if you like, dislike, love or hate it in the comments section below.

Stay safe and I’ll see you next time.




Image Source: Tumblr


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