Anne Express: Colors of Life

Hi, guys! So this isn’t a flash fic or a book review, or even a fic recommendation. I’ve never been a deep thinker to appreciate poetry … before now. Thanks to my sweet friend, Shae, I’ve found a new outlet in life in poetry. This is my first attempt at writing anything remotely poetic. So hope you like it. *fingers crossed*



Colors of Life


You’re like a palate full of colors.

One day you’re in HD, and in the other, in blurs.

If you bring love, you look rosy red.

Like the cheeks of a blushing maid.

If you bring pain, you turn the hue of blue.

With you, the sadness rings true.

In friendship you bring joy,

Radiating yellow like a sunny fellow.

In glory, you turn to gold,

Mark of the triumphant and bold.

In the minds of the youth,

You’re full of truth,

You’re the color of the rainbow.

At the end of the day,

At the end of the life,

Death hovers … cloaked in the dark,

Brings a world of grief sketched in black.

So whatever you say, whatever you do,

Don’t miss out on painting the world in the color of YOU.



Do share your thoughts on my little attempt with me in the comments section below.

For RL reasons, Tagged will be posted a day late, i.e. Tuesday, instead of today. Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Stay safe, everyone.




Image Source: Pinterest


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