Shae Express: Daughters of Eve

Hi, lovelies!

Today, I’m posting on behalf of my best friend and partner-in-crime, Shae, who happens to be a word enchantress when it comes to poetry. Daughters of Eve reflects on Shae’s firm standing as a believer in feminism. So without further ado … enjoy!


Daughters of Eve

Are you punishing the daughters of Eve,
O Pakistan, wherein they walk through your streets
Razed and ravaged by hungry gazes
whistled and booed at as they walk on with with a hurried step.
Shoulders hunched, chin drooping to the chest.
She is the daughter of Pakistan
Tainted, terrified and touched by merciless hands
Unable to go places even dogs can roam freely
With their eyes bulging grotesquely and tongue lolling out
Saliva dropping from those dirty jowls
In anticipation of the next piece of meat.


Do share your interpretation of Shae’s work in the comments section if you enjoy her work. We appreciate your feedback. 🙂




Image Source: Pinterest


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