Tagged: A Birthday Surprise for Shae

Hi, loves! It’s my twify & partner-in-crime, Shae Maen’s birthday. As a surprise for her Royal Highness, and as a treat for all of your lovely readers out there, I’ve written a little flash fiction titled, Tagged. So get ready for 11 chapters worth of drama, action, and a healthy dose of romance in the coming weeks. 😉


And Ms. Shae, I hope you love it too, wifey. Love ya. xo




Chapter-1: Prologue

A tag.

A label.

A mark.

To most people, all it was just a piece of metal.

To my fellow brethren, it was the way back home.

But to me? To me, it was everything I was.

Until that moment.

The moment, she entered my life, she became everything to me.

And this piece of metal was what promised to keep me tethered to her even halfway across the world.

Leaning down, I pressed a soft kiss on my slumbering beauty’s forehead. Then, with conviction burning within me, I picked up my bag and walked out the door.



Thanks for reading.

No copyright infringement was intended. Nothing but the plot & the banner is mine.

Stay tuned for next chapter on Monday. 😉




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