This is for my wifey and co-partner of this blog! Anne, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great one! You mean so much to me than words can ever express. I have shared tears with you and laughed till my tummy hurt with you. You can understand me in a way few ever have been able to. You are a precious treasure, wifey. I know how things can hurt at times but you are just so awesome, trust me things always start looking up for such people. Just stay as optimistic and stop being so goddamn modest that you forget to remember how sweet, kindhearted, fun and amazing you are. You astound me, Anne! Your dedication and perseverance is a sight to see. Now without further ado here is a piece of poetry from my side just for you and to anyone who wants to know more about my blog partner 😉

She is like lightening..

In the dreary darkness of life….

She brings light.


Her words make me smile.

I laugh and cry..


Know she is there..

always by my side.

She is my sweet wife.


She can make even the heartless sob.

Her words can take you..

floating on cloud nine…


She’s an expert with stories..

but despite my many tries..

tears of agony

and murmurs of grief..


She doesn’t know how to wear make up!

Nor ever she will…

So can you believe?

She is the epitome of poise and grace.


Yet if only you knew..

What’s in her head!


Its a magical, fantastical world in there.

In the brain of a girl,

who often lives in despair.


She is clumsy,

too modest and oh so kind.


I think she is divine.

I wish her the best..


God will not rest..

till He has done for her the very best.


Dear friend, you have heights to achieve..

Heights only you yourself can reach…


You have a long way to go,

and the direction is only up.


Happy Birthday my wifey and dear friend!

For you I’ll be there till the very end.

I hope you like it, babe! ❤ This is just a raw expression in a few words of how I feel about you. Raw and unpolished, straight from the heart thus unedited. ;D 😛 


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