Anne Express: Flash Fiction#5

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Anne Express on Scribbler Alliance! This week I have a new flash fic for you based on a prompt at a flash fiction challenge. Also, this flash fic is rated M for suggestive themes. So if you’re of underage or are offended by such themes, I suggest you skip this. To the others, enjoy!


Prompt: “How do you figure?”


Piano Man


I slowly backed away from the doorway, careful to not make a sound as I moved.

The sound of his piano music kept on playing, reassuring me that he didn’t know I had woken up just to hear him play.

One step … another … and another … and then I felt it—a hand grasping my wrist.

I jerked my head forward to look inside the room only to find the empty piano bench and a recorder sitting on top of it.

“Sneaking around, are we?” his voice, both smooth and husky at the same time, whispered in my ear as I felt the stubbles dusting his jaw brush against my cheek.

“As if!” I huffed, trying to wrench my hand out of his. “I was just thirsty.”

He chuckled, sending a shiver down my body. “Thirsty, huh? Admit it, baby, you can’t stay away from me.”

“Yeah? How do you figure that?” I tried to sound impassive, but my voice sounded breathy even to me.

His lips ghosted along my neck as he whispered, “You say you’re thirsty and yet there’s no water in your hand.”

As I desperately tried to think of a good comeback, he turned me around to face him and pushed me against the wall. “Maybe you’re just thirsty for me then?” he asked with a glint in his eyes before putting his lips on mine.

“Maybe I am,” I conceded and then kissed him back.

What’s the point in denying the truth anyway?


Thank you for visiting. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. If there’s a prompt you want me to weave into a 250 words flash fic, you are welcome to let me know in the comments. Hope you have a happy weekend. 🙂




Image source: Pinterest


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