Fiction Express: Convergence – WitchyVampireGirl

Hi, guys! Welcome back to the Fiction Express on Scribbler Alliance! Today, I have another completed story for you to read.

WitchyVampireGirl’s twilight fan fiction, Convergence, begins with a promise of a road trip: The sun is nothing but the light showing you the way.


Like always, Witchy doesn’t disappoint those of us who adore a strong female character with her Bella. This Bella is sassy, but not in an overwhelming way. She’s more like a breath of fresh air for all of us who are yearning for a little break from life. Equipped with her map to guide her, Bella is on a road trip to self-discovery across America. It is on that trip where she runs into Edward … quite literally.

Edward, on the other hand, is nothing like Bella. He’s broody and hurting from his own issues. Like Bella, he’s on a road trip, but with a different kind of self-discovery in mind. As their worlds collide, they form a bond of friendship and humanity; and soon, their separate paths begin to converge into one.

I am not going to lie; it is a story that will make your heart hurt at times, but it’ll be worth it. I found myself wishing I could reach out to hug this Edward multiple times. Why, you ask? Because no matter how much of a grown up man he appears to be like, he’s essentially a lost little boy on the inside.

These very well written strong characters along with Witchy’s seamless way of storytelling make for a very sweet tale of friendship, family and love. If you need any more convincing, here’s the summary for Convergence: Robert Frost talked about taking the road less travelled, but for two souls it comes down to the crossroads. Both are on very different journeys of the self. Could they be each other’s discovery?

You can find this beautifully heart-warming story in the following link:

So what are you waiting for? Go and dive into this story. Also, don’t forget to leave the author some love!

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any fanfic you’d like us to review or recommend, let us know in your comments. Until next time! 🙂




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