Fiction Express: My Husband, Not Father – twistedsistersRB

Hi, guys! Welcome back to the Fiction Express on Scribbler Alliance! Today, I have a completed story for you that had inspired me to dip my pen as a writer in this deep ocean of fan fictions in the first place.

An arranged marriage usually depicts a picture of an understanding … a compromise in our minds. But what about love? In their fic, My Husband, Not Father, twistedsistersRB answer that question for us. A collaborative work by two very talented writers, addicted-to-romione-bedward and m0t0b33, My Husband, Not Father is not only a story of an arranged marriage, but also of a May to December love.


In this story the twistedsistersRB gives us a spirited teenager Bella who has to marry a man in his thirties because her father forces her to. That leads us to Edward. An established doctor and a man of his principles, Edward decides to marry the teen daughter of his friend, Charlie, to protect the girl from her father’s destructive ways of life. What neither of them take into account is, however, their attraction toward each other.

The next thing we have is an explosive roller coaster ride through this couple’s married life. Through perfect combination of humor, drama, and of course, love, twistedsistersRB gives us a coming of age story of two souls finding each other despite an age difference between them.

Here’s the summary for My Husband, Not Father: Can true love make the worst nightmare a beautiful dream? Bella is a troubled sixteen years old who is forced to marry her father’s friend, thirty-five years old Edward Masen. Will he be her salvation? Will they find love in this odd situation?

You can read this amazingly refreshing story in the following link:

If you want a story to make you cry, laugh, gasp, and then smile, this is the perfect story for you. Also don’t forget to leave the authors some love. 🙂

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any fanfic you’d like us to review or recommend, let us know in your comments. Until next time! 😉




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