Anne Express: Flash Fiction#3

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to Anne Express on Scribbler Alliance! This week I have a new flash fic for you based on a prompt at a flash fiction challenge. Also, this flash fic is rated M for language and suggestive themes. So if you’re of underage or are offended by such themes, I suggest you skip this. To the others, enjoy!


Prompt: “Nothing with a zipper?”


Zipped Up Love


“Are you out of your mind?” he hisses in my ear.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

A hand wraps around my waist from the behind, pulling my back to a very firm body. “Tell me you’re not planning to go inside dressed like this.”

I turn around to look into his troubled eyes. “We’re dealing with the mob here. They don’t really open up their doors for girls who look like cops, you know?”

He closes his eyes and lays his forehead on mine. “I just … I don’t like the idea of you in the middle of this shit.”

His voice makes my heart skip a beat. “You just don’t like me wearing something so revealing in front of anyone but you,” I tease him, trying to lighten up the mood.

It works. A smile plays on his lips as he tugs my head to his for a kiss. “You sure you have nothing with a zipper that covers all of you?”

“Hey,” I speak softly, placing a hand on his cheek. “I’ll be fine.”

Forty minutes later as I step into his arms, I grin up at him. “I told you. Zippers wouldn’t have made it this easy.”

He kisses me fervently before holding me close to his chest. “Zippers or not, you’re never pulling a stunt like that again.”

I roll my eyes at my partner in the FBI. “You got it. Now tell me you love me.”

“As if there ever was a doubt,” he says.


Thank you for visiting. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. If there’s a prompt you want me to weave into a flash fic, you are welcome to let me know in the comments. Hope you have a rocking weekend! 🙂




Image Source: Pinterest


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