Fiction Express: The Rub – StillDreaming85

Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the Fiction Express on Scribbler Alliance! Today, I have another work-in-progress for you to enjoy.

This is a drabble-fic which is already seventeen chapters in. So it’s a quick read written by an author for whom drabbles seem to be a specialty. The Rub is the latest Twilight fan fiction written by the talented fanfic writer, StillDreaming85. It is said to be based on a TV show, but with this amazingly gifted author, the one thing you can be sure of is twists and turns no one could have seen coming.


If you think a word constraint is an obstacle in writing a good story, think again. StillDreaming85 excels in conveying so much emotion with so little words that you’ll not even realize that her stories are drabble-length.

What if the one person you were sure will always be there was gone all of a sudden? To what length can a mother go to keep a roof over her children’s head? What can desperation do to a person? All these questions are answered in The Rub.

As is StillDreaming85’s unique style, it contains heartache—quite a lot of it—but then, there is a promise of HEA in the end. So, dear readers, you better buckle up for the ride!

The summary for The Rub: Most mothers would do whatever it took to provide for their children, which was exactly what Bella Masen did when she found out her husband had left them. With the walls closing in and the debt collectors on her doorstep, how far was she willing to go?

This beautiful story of heartbreak and inner strength by StillDreaming85 can be found in the following link:

If you want a healthy dose of angst with a promise of a happy ending, get reading, people! And don’t forget to leave the author some love. 🙂

Thank you for visiting. If there’s any fanfic you’d like us to review or recommend, let us know in your comments. Until next time! 😉




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