Anne Express: Flash Fiction#2

Hello and welcome back to the Anne Express on Scribbler Alliance! Like previous week’s, this flash fic is based off on a prompt too. Also, this flash fic is rated MA for language and adult themes. So if you’re of underage or are offended by such themes, I suggest you skip this. To the others, enjoy!

Prompt: You’re supposed to wear it




Waking up, the first thing I felt was an arm—draped possessively on my stomach with one hand lying on my breast.

A slow smile spread on my lips as I remembered how I got here.

The arm moved a little, tightening its hold on me.

As if I’m going anywhere! I laughed softly at the ridiculous thought.

“What’s that for?” a voice slightly husky from sleep asked in my ear.

I turned in the arms and looked at the owner of the voice.

With his hair standing in disarray from my tugging on it the night before and his eyes looking at me with so much love, he was the most handsome man in the world … in my world.

I placed a hand on his cheek, pulling his face to mine for a kiss. “The laugh was because I’m happy.”

He smiled hearing my answer. “And the kiss?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“For making me the happiest girl in the world.”

He laughed and brought my hand to his lips. He kissed my knuckles and then the ring sitting on my left hand. “This is so sexy.”

His whisper made me smile. “Why?” I asked coyly.

“Because it tells every fucker who dares to look at you that you’re mine,” he replied seriously.

“I love that I get to wear it.”

He looked into my eyes at my admission and said, “You’re supposed to wear it, love. Only you. Always you.”

“Always,” I promised my husband before rolling over him.


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Image Source: Pinterest


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