Fiction Express: Bus Stop – Edward’s Eternal

Hello and welcome back to the Fiction Express on Scribbler Alliance! With the completed fiction recommendation last week, I thought we could go for a work-in-progress this time.

This story is only four chapters in so there’s plenty of time for you to jump on board the wagon or better said, the bus. 😉

Bus Stop is a new twilight fan fiction by the talented author of books like Into the Storm and Over the Fence, Melanie Moreland; or as we Twihards know her, Edward’s Eternal.


When it’s your birthday and you have to go in for work, it’s already bad enough. Add in an uncomfortable skirt and a cheeky, smart-mouthing fellow traveler with disarmingly good looks, and you’ve got a recipe for trouble.

This story will take you on for a ride with a sweet, shy and yet, confident Bella and a cocky, sarcastic, and frankly, smartass Edward. From there on, you’ll find yourself laughing with Bella and smirking with Edward as the duo try to find their footing on the bus!

The summary for Bus Stop: It’s Bella’s birthday. A badly fitted skirt, a cocky passenger and some unwanted help make this a bus ride, and a day she never expected.

This amazing story by Edward’s Eternal can be found in the following link:

If you aren’t reading this story yet, then get to it! And don’t forget to leave the author some love in your reviews!

Thank you for visiting. We’ll try to recommend and review a fanfic every week for you Fanfic-addicts out there. If there’s any fanfic you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments. Until next time! 😉




Image source: FictionPad


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