Anne Express: Flash Fiction#1

Hello and welcome to the Anne Express on Scribbler Alliance! This is where you’ll get a flash fic written by yours truly on a weekly basis. These flash fics are based off on prompts on various flashfic challenges. So … without further ado … enjoy!


Prompt: Because I wanted you to have it.


Magic of Pizza


Stepping through the door to my apartment, I stop dead in my tracks.

Am I in the right house? I think to myself as my eyes take in the candles arranged all throughout my living room.

A slight movement from the corner draws my attention, and I see him.


“Edward? What is all this?” I ask feeling confused.

He starts making his way toward me, and when he’s standing in front of me, he smiles.

“Do you remember how you said you’ve never had a candle-lit dinner before?”

Dumbly, I just nod.

He places a hand on my cheek and meets my eyes.

In the candle light, his usually green eyes look more vibrant … more intense.

He kisses my forehead before saying softly, “I lit the candles because I wanted you to have that, baby.”

It finally dawns on me. “Wait, you went through all these troubles just for me?”

“Bella, you have no idea how much I’ll do … just for you,” he replies. “I love you, and if candle-lit dinner is what my girl wishes for, then that’s what she’ll get.”

As I stand there, stunned speechless, he shrugs. “Besides, I didn’t do much. I just ordered us a pizza and lit the candles …”

I don’t even let him finish speaking as I throw my arms around him and pull him in for a kiss. “You ordered pizza? I knew I fell in love with the right man,” I say before kissing him once more.

Word Count: 250


Thank you for visiting. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Until next time! 😉




Image Source: Pinterest


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