Bookworm Express: The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Hello and welcome to the Bookworm Express on Scribbler Alliance! As our first official post, I’ve picked one of my most favorite reads of all times.


Are you a fan of adventure and intrigue? Do you find yourself drawn to the world of thrillers more than that of romance? Have you always dreamt of visiting the world’s most famous museum? Then hop on board for the exhilarating ride in The Da Vinci Code noted writer Dan Brown takes us in this second book of his Robert Langdon series.


Vinci Code(


Join Harvard Professor Robert Langdon as he works through a series of puzzles and codes to solve one of the biggest mysteries of all times: The Holy Grail. You’ll never be able to put this down until you’ve read it to the end, and then? You might just have to read it again because it is just that good!


Dan Brown’s style of narration is captivating to say the least, and you’ll find yourself sitting on the edge of your seat until you’ve read the last page.


Codes, anagrams, puzzles, you name it, and Dan Brown delivers it in his own powerful writing style. Here’s an excerpt from The Da Vinci Code to show you what you’re in for:


The mystical teachings of the Kabbala drew heavily on anagrams—rearranging the letters of Hebrew words to derive new meanings. French kings throughout the Renaissance were so convinced that anagrams held magic power that they appointed royal anagrammatists to help them make better decisions by analyzing words in important documents. The Romans actually referred to the study of anagrams as ars magna—”the great art.”


Langdon looked up at Sophie, locking eyes with her now. “Your grandfather’s meaning was right in front of us all along, and he left us more than enough clues to see it.”


Without another word, Langdon pulled a pen from his jacket pocket and rearranged the letters in each line.


O, Draconian devil! Oh, lame saint!

was a perfect anagram of…


Nope, not going to ruin the fun of code breaking for you. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t read this amazing book yet, get to it!


Thank you for visiting. We’ll try to recommend and review a book every week for you bookworms out there. If there’s any book you’d like us to review, let us know in your comments. Now go on and get code breaking, not heart wrecking! 😉




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6 thoughts on “Bookworm Express: The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

  1. I love the Langdon series, definitely my favorite books. Where Brown has gotten some negative feedback due to his writing style, I find it intriguing, and the amount of research that goes/went into the books is staggering!

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